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Furniture Re-Use


Our goal is to re-use, not recycle, but we do ensure that anything we can’t reuse is recycled if possible.  

Many of the items donated to us would have gone to land fill.

A social enterprise, as previously stated, Sydney Bridge Ltd aims to maximise the positive impact we have as an organisation in the communities we work in. Our primary and main social aim is to provide high quality support services to disadvantaged people. We believe that by providing high quality, affordable and flexible services we are able to improve the quality of life of our clients and those that they care for.

We believe that our key to success includes:

  • Our long-standing reputation locally of providing high quality and client-focused services.
  • Our staff who are all trained to a high standard and our commitment to providing services of the highest quality.
  • Our ability to ensure that clients get a service with a personal touch, thereby enabling a relationship to build between client and our workers and any changes in support needs that are identified by other local partners.